Bottle Service & Concierge Service are you celebrating a birthday or special occation? Or are you just looking for a didicated good time with service.

    Essentially, bottle service happens at tables in well-defined, elite, super VIP areas of nightclubs or lounges. These areas are usually roped off to the general public and are booked in advance. This means that the clubgoers paying for bottle service get to skip the line that other patrons have to wait in to get into the club. While bottle service is generally the more commonly used term, both terms still mean the same thing.

    With this hot plot of club space, you’ll also get exclusive service. Hence the name, bottle service. Not only do you get to party in a posh, restricted location at our nightclub. You'll also get an abundant selection of spirits, mixers, and a dedicated “Bottle Person” to engage with patrons as they help pour drinks, make shots, and maintain the table’s drinks.

    Please contact vip@xscapelounge.club or call our reservation line at 242-361-6000 or 954-338 6841. We look forward to hearing from you!