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In an effort to provide an encounter beyond your wildest dream. Xscape Lounge & Nightclub has integrated modern technology to enhance your party experience. Purchase  or reload your  digital Xscape Membership Card for club transactions, advance payments on bottle service, get discounts on special events  and so much more.

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deep night claw

Dripping with lights & bangin sound system hand in hand with Seduction.

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Purchase or reload your pre-paid Xscape Membership Card for discounts on Special Events, Bottle Service and more.

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#1 Choice For All Parties. Best DJs, Central Downtown, Great Vibes. Get all you need to make nightlife come alive in Nassau, Bahamas. 


Customers Say

The party spot! Great music accompanied by great food and drinks what more could I ask for! Was impressed by the facilities just loved the attention paid to the restrooms loved the fact that they keep them cleaned throughout the night. Bartender was super friendly and a knowledgeable mixologist. Overall great experience
Simone Beneby
The great atmosphere was set for a good time. Very, very, very clean and very safe. Awesome staff they were very friendly and welcoming. Let's talk about the food...... 10/10 recommended. The food was the ultimate highlight for me. The best spot the Nassau.
Tacoya Campbell
Very nice environment want a nice place with good food nice music where you can relax and enjoy yourself this is the place ‼️ Very good customer service I highly recommend 👌🏽
Felicia Taylor
Wow! Was looking for a nice spot wit great food, music, amazing ambiance and a relaxing environment...Xscape Lounge was perfect! I mean the staff from the Security to the Bartender & Server were extremely friendly and hospitable! They also do Happy Hour and can host a variety of events! Definitely making this a go to spot...! Amazing!
Lavaughn Cooper

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